Harold and Grayson

Harold and Grayson were found on a piece of property out in the middle of nowhere left to fend for themselves, sleeping under a deck that even I would have trouble crawling underneath. Their hooves were completely overgrown, forcing them to walk on their knees which resulted in permanent damage to their joints. Initially we didn’t have room to take them in, so they went to another wonderful sanctuary who delivered much needed care. After my friend passed away from cancer Harold and Grayson came to live on the Oasis and now they have their own little barn, shared with the lambs. We have to keep up on their hooves because of the severe deformity they have been left with. But they get lots of love now and are very happy boys. After a horrible period of neglect, alone and just trying to survive, every day is a now a new adventure out in the Oasis fields. Watch out if you have treats, especially Fig Newtons…they will take your hand too! ?

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